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    Why We Are Here

    Why We Are Here

    and what we're about

    WhyWeAreHereWe’re here to launch, build & support tech companies catered specifically to the global Muslim population. Our passionate SEAL Team of tech entrepreneurs, digital marketers & halal advisers are on a mission of challenging the current global digital landscape by combining concepts of halal with the mindset of fast-paced tech entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal will be bringing the global halal industry online before 2020.


    Interesting facts about halal tech

    Market Size

    times $1,000,000,000 is the size of the global halal industry


    multiplied by 1,000,000 is the global Muslim population


    halal tech ventures created by HTVB in 2014


    halal entrepreneurs trained by HTVB in 2014

    How We Work

    How We Work

    Everything we do is to bring the global halal industry online

    Digital Marketing

    We support a growing portfolio of ambitious regional halal companies in South-East Asia via tech development & digital marketing.

    Accelerator Programs

    We strive to nurture the halal tech ecosystem through intensive, hands-on accelerator programs for Entrepreneurs & SMEs.

    Start-up Factory

    We provide seed funding and support from our SEAL Team to build halal tech start-ups with passionate, experienced Founders.

    DOur DIGITAL MARKETING team takes halal businesses to the next level. We are experts at developing brands and moving them from the traditional to the now. Taking brands online, creating ecommerce giants and growing communities of loyal customers are what we do best. All our clients are in halal based organizations and have the goal of entering and impacting the global halal market through online marketing and other digital platforms. We are working with clients in diverse halal verticals, from beauty to fashion to travel to finance.

    AOur Accelerator Programs are combinations of both traditional accelerators and events. We are passionate about bringing entrepreneurs from 0 to 1, giving them the foundation and expertise to move their company off the ground and excel in the global halal industry, no-strings-attached! These programs involve concentrated training in different business modules and have been modified specifically for halal companies. Each event brings out hundreds of entrepreneurs looking to make an impact in the global halal industry.

    SOur Start-Up Factory is a venture incubator focused on growing ideas and start-ups with high enough potential to change the landscape of the global halal industry. Our expert SEAL Team works with Founders to build, develop and support companies from ideation to market validation and commercialization. With access to funding, intense hands-on mentoring and networking with like-minded passionate business creators, the potential of halal tech start-ups will challenge the current online landscape globally.

    What we offer

    Digital Strategy

    We do the research and develop the strategies that best represent your halal brand and will reach your target market.


    Our entrepreneurship training is the perfect way to move your company forward – we cover everything from how to pitch to marketing and web design.


    Our incubator works with Founders to grow and develop halal businesses that are going to change the global halal landscape. Learn from people that have been there.

    #Social Media

    Our experienced community managers will grow your business through media and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

    Digital Marketing

    Our marketing experts and halal advisers will walk you through developing marketing strategies to reach your target audience.


    The Accelerator works together with halal tech entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to ventures with validated business models, paying customers and established partnerships.

    SEO & SEM

    Through a combination of advertising and keyword optimization, our expert marketers will help get you to the front of those search engines.

    Business Development

    Learning how to sell and make connections will take your company from 0 to 1. Skilled business developers will teach you the most effective ways to do this.


    Our genius SEAL Team will coach and guide new Founders through the steps to becoming a successful halal company.


    We create websites that match your halal brand personality. Let your customers know what you’re about and sell your product online.

    Halal Business

    Supply chain management, sourcing and other halal business fundamentals are modules taught under this program.


    We invest in ventures that we know are going to impact the global halal industry. Access to external investors is also provided to grow new companies.

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